5 Things You Need a Permit For in Westlake

Photo Credit: catonsville.patch.com
Photo Credit: catonsville.patch.com
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If you're thinking of putting up a temporary tent, possibly for an event, you going to need a permit. You'll need to provide a site plan of where tents are going to be located2, provide a Certificate of Flame Resistance on Tents being installed and contact Westlake Fire Prevention at 440-835-6422 if cooking is being done under the tent.

If you're thinking about putting in a deck, make sure you get a permit. Decks have post requirements, maximum heights needs and required space between spindles. 

Yes, plush green lawns come with requirements and a $25 fee for a residential sprinkler. Sprinkler head location must be drawn on a topo for the property. If a topo is not available, a drawn diagram can be used. If any sprinkler heads are located in tree lawn, right-of-way, or utility easements, a Lawn Sprinkler Easement Permit needs to be obtained at our Engineering Department, signed, and paid for ($5) by the property owner before the permit is issued.


Doing some repairs and have one of those big garbage containers. You can onlyhave one not bigger than 16 ft. x 8 ft. x 8 ft. in height. Keep it on the driveway and away from the right-of-way. Keep the container shall be securely locked at all times and free of dents, rust and/or graffiti.

Vehicle/boat sales are permitted for a two-week period. Vehicles and/or boats must be parked on driveway and only one temporary sign is permitted on lot of sale. 


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