Seniors Treated to "Snow White" and Lunch

Whimsical touches make the day fun

You're never too old to enjoy a Disney classic.

About two dozen Westlake senior citizens got a treat on Monday as they enjoyed a screening of the original Snow White at the building.

Community Services workers decorated the room with posters of the movie characters, used faux flowers and greens to create the Enchanted Forest, and made a version of the Wicked Queen's mirror.

They were also given a nice lunch of croissant sandwiches and salad, punch playfully called "Poison Punch" on an apple-shaped label tied to each glass, and desserts of cupcakes and candy kisses given in Snow White-themed baskets.

Seniors were delighted with the outing.

"Everything was well thought-out," said Louise Nickerson. "It was so nicely done."

in Avon gave the seniors tote bags, and a little gift bag with an apple and a jar candle. They were also invited to attend an open house at St. Mary of the Woods on August 12.


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