Blind Cat Molly Needs a Quiet Home

Love-A-Stray looking for a special owner for a special-needs cat

Molly's not a cat for just anyone.

She's had a hard life, and came to Love-A-Stray with such bad eye problems that one eye had to be removed and the other one needed surgery.

Other than being functionally blind, Molly is healthy and a bit on the petite side. Molly needs an owner who can commit to her care and doesn't have any other cats. Molly's very sweet and loves people.

If you're interested in Molly, or would like to see other cats and kittens available for adoption, contact Love-A-Stray at loveastray@gmail.com. You can also donate money to help cover the costs of medical care for cats like Molly, spaying/neutering cats, food, litter and health care.


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