Graduation a Special Day for Principal

Westlake High principal Tim Freeman also watched his daughter graduate with the class of 2012

principal Tim Freeman played two roles at graduation on Saturday.

The first was his usual role as principal.

The second was as a proud dad.

Freeman's daughter, Stephanie, was one of the graduates. This was the second time he's been both a principal and a dad at graduation, Freeman said.

Stephanie had pulled a prank on her dad recently at the school, conspiring with school office staff to get a photo of him circa mid-80s on the cafeteria's video screens.

"I was wearing one of the worst mid-'80s holiday sweaters imaginable," he said in his speech during commencement.

He got a few zingers in on his daughter, teasing her about her feet, before moving on to address all the students.

Freeman spoke of lessons learned in kindergarten, throughout high school, and on gradution day.

Later, he took the place of Board of Education members to personally present Stephanie with her diploma, and the two hugged.

Check out the video for more of Freeman's thoughts on the big day, and an emotional moment for him as he addressed the Class of 2012.


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