Burneson Middle School Construction Makes Progress

Look at our slideshow for a peek inside the new middle school

A milestone has been reached in the construction of the new Lee Burneson Middle School.

The building is, in construction parlance, "dried in," said Dave Puffer, supervisor for construction projects for Westlake City Schools.

"Dried in" means that the roof is finished, and windows and exterior doors are installed.

With the school being dried in, interior work is picking up. Temporary heating helps to keep the inside not only warm, but dry. Drywall has been installed in the administrative area, with door frames being painted. The gym's concrete walls are finished.

Check out the slideshow for more details from inside the school.

The middle school is far ahead of the high school in terms of progress. That's because it's only one story, Puffer said, and, at about 120,000 square feet, less than half the size of the 265,000 square foot high school.

The current Lee Burneson Middle School will be getting attention soon. Puffer said bids for work on that school will be going out in the coming weeks. The school, which will become Dover Intermediate School, will undergo renovations including replacing some windows.


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