Art Gallery Preps for Move to New High School

Teachers and students are getting everything ready for the relocation next school year.

Come this fall, Westlake High School will be in a new location, along with its art gallery.

In preparation for the move, former art teacher Christine Filmer and a team of National Art Honor Society students will remove, clean, categorize and restore the current art in the Art Gallery, according to a press release from the district.

The art will be stored in the Westlake Schools Administrative Offices until it can be re-installed in the new high school.

In 1989, the Westlake High School Art Department conceived and created the Art Gallery to honor and support the visual arts in the community. The Art Gallery was supported by the Westlake Arts Council under the direction of former high school art teacher Steven Davies.

The new Art Gallery is expected to be installed in early 2014. New etched identification tags will identify each work. Kate Hudak, owner of A Gallery West, is assisting with the removal, storage and re-installation of the Art Gallery. Hudak, a parent and Westlake community member, framed most of the art in the gallery since 1993.

The Art Gallery grew each year with carefully selected art presented to the school during the Fine Arts Awards Presentation. The opportunity exists to invite a professional community artist, a staff artist and a graduating senior artist to donate a work to the permanent collection.

The selection process for the graduating senior art revolves around student artists who demonstrated community service, leadership and artistic ability. The art is intended to remain in the high school permanently. Over the past 20 years the WHS PTSA supported the professional framing of each work of art by Hudak.

Three handcrafted oak showcases, designed and built by Michael Shaun Duffy in 1992-1993, were added to display 3-D works of art and fine arts awards. The funds for the showcases were donated from the Art Gallery account, Westlake Arts Council, Westlake Educational Foundation, WHS PTSA, Westlake Junior Women’s Club and Westlake Town Criers.


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