Westlake Porter Library Unveils Donor Wall

New interactive feature honors library supporters

went high-tech when it created a display to honor donors to the library.

The donor wall in the front lobby, which was unveiled Monday as part of the celebrations honoring the 10th anniversary of the current building, features an interactive touchscreen with information on all kinds of donors and donations.

"Donors are very important to the library," said library Board of Trustees president John Weedon. "Their donations allow us to fulfill our mission and do what we are supposed to do even in difficult financial times."

The top donor listed was Leonard Porter, whose $1,000 bequest and the donation of his book collection in 1884 started the library.

It's not just people who gave money who are listed, said library director Andrew Mangels. People and groups who donated goods and services like landscaping are also in the display.

"Public libraries are essential to our society," Mangels said. "These donations represent to me that feeling from you all, that you believe that as well."

The donor wall has been two years in the making. The Westlake Porter Library Foundation and Friends of Westlake Porter Library came up with the $15,000 to create the display, which was designed and installed by Ohio-based Partners in Recognition.

Library staff member Jim Guilford, a professional photographer, took the photos that are the background for the list of donor names.

"What's nice about this, is that there's room to add names, and we can update what's on the touchscreen so that we can always honor donors," Mangels said.

The next step, Mangels said, will be installing lighting to properly show off the donor wall.


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