Residents Pack Meeting To Discuss Water Suppliers

NewsNet5 has the details.

Photo credit: NewsNet5.com
Photo credit: NewsNet5.com
A meeting to discuss concerns over a potentially huge increase in water bills drew approximately 200 Westlake residents to a meeting held by Mayor Dennis Clough on Oct. 9.

"The city of Westlake is not going to make any decision on how we get our water, and what type of an agreement we sign if it's going to cost you more money," Clough said, according to our media partners at NewsNet5.com.

Last week, Cleveland Water, the city’s current supplier, sent residents a letter saying that Westlake’s termination of its agreement with them would result in a $291 increase per quarter to most residents’ bills for up to 5 years, beginning in January 2014. Clough said last week the city, which is mulling a change to Avon Lake Municipal Utilities, hasn’t terminated their contract with Cleveland.

NewsNet5.com reported most residents were receptive to what the mayor had to say and left feeling they would not be seeing the surcharge come January.

"I don't think it will happen," Fred Hammond told NewsNet5. "I think that's a scare tactic that the city of Cleveland has done, I'm not at all worried about paying that."

Read the full story at NewsNet5.



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