Property Taxes for 2013 Up Slightly For Westlake Residents

The tax rate has gone up since 2010.

Westlake residents will see a slight increase on their property tax bills this year—about $17 more for each $100,000 of home value. 

Cleveland.com recently published an interactive database with the most recent tax rate information for Northeast Ohio communities. Westlake residents pay 67.86 mills, with the majority—37.26 mills—going to the Westlake schools. Residents will pay about $2,078 per $100,000 of home value in 2013. That figure is based on 2012 tax rates.

The rate has gone up more than 4 mills since residents' 2010 bills.

For most levies in Ohio, the amount of money raised is set at the time the levy is passed. That means that tax rates will go up as property values decrease, and down as property values increase. Taxpayers end up paying about the same as those values change. There are exceptions, which are detailed in the Cleveland.com article.

Check out the article for more information on tax rates in Westlake and other communities in Northeast Ohio.


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