Plans to Widen Detroit-Bradley Intersection Move Forward

The planning commission approved the $2.9 million proposal Monday night.

If you’re tired of traffic jams at the Detroit-Bradley intersection, help is on the way. 

Westlake Planning Commission approved a proposal to widen a portion of Detroit Road and update the intersection at Detroit and Bradley roads during its meeting on Monday. The proposal now goes to City Council.

City Engineer Bob Kelly said the new intersection would be nearly identical to the one at Detroit and Dover Center roads. Detroit would be widened by about 10 feet on both sides and expanded to five lanes—two lanes in both directions with a center turning lane. That expansion would extend for about 500 feet east and west, and Bradley would not be widened. The intersection would also get a new traffic signal. 

Kelly said that the changes would hopefully improve safety and reduce congestion and pollution.

Some residents expressed concern about the widening, and argued that the 10 feet of new road was going to make a big difference in the yards of affected homeowners. Residents were also concerned about increased traffic. Kelly assured the Walden Pointe residents, in particular, that the city would be working with the association and keeping them updated.

The updates are part of a larger plan to improve those major intersections along Detroit Road, Kelly said after Monday’s meeting. The widening on the east would connect with the wider intersection at Crocker and Detroit roads. The improvements on this intersection would cost the city about $2.9 million and would begin in 2013 or 2014.

What intersection would you like to see the city repair? Tell us in the comments. 

K. Higgs December 05, 2012 at 02:14 PM
The intersection of Center Ridge Rd and Mills Road is the sight of many accidents! The majority of those accidents have nearly the identical aspects of it. Being, a car at the stop sign on Mills (it's a T intersection, you must turn left or right, Mills does not continue thru) - the car in question is attempting a left hand (heading east) turn. With on coming traffic from the east being two lanes (speed limit posted at45mph), and traffic from the other direction - consisting of two lanes as well, one being for turning. Granted there is, now, red flashing lights surrounding the stop sign at Mills. However, in recreating (out of curiosity, from the frequency of accidents in the same pattern) - it is very evident - due to a curve on Center Ridge, on the east side of Mills (with the curve bending in a south direction) it allows nearby mailboxes (Yes, mailboxes!) to form an blockage of an oncoming car - thus a driver never see's that car until that driver has pulled into Center Ridge, and that oncoming car then hits him. Usually causing a spin and chain reaction involving other cars. Please! Check the accident log! The frequency, and traffic pattern at the time (it doesn't happen after dark, but then again headlights would be noticed as a background to a shadowed mailbox) thus alerting a nighttime driver to on coming traffic. The consistent layout of each accident - is almost identical! It's the curvature in the road -allowing the position of the mailbox - that is the problem!
Ed Tarbush March 02, 2013 at 04:21 PM
"Kelly assured the Walden Pointe residents, in particular, that the city would be working with the association and keeping them updated." I've lived in Westlake long enough (27 years), to know that that translates into "We're gonna do whatever the hell we want, but at least we'll tell you ahead of time before we stick you!". My advice? Get used to having traffic & snow plows zooming within 20 feet of your house...


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