New Bassett Road Development Plans Delayed, But Inching Closer to Approval

Flooding, a falling water tower and a retention pond are points of concern.

Pavicic (right) addresses a residents' concerns.  Photo credit: City of Westlake
Pavicic (right) addresses a residents' concerns. Photo credit: City of Westlake

While both residents and planning commission members spoke highly of small developer Edward Pavicic at the Aug. 26 meting, and his plans to develop 10.78 acres for a new subdivision, into Stone Creek Subdivision, his preliminary plan was tabled until the Sept. 9 Planning Commission meeting to iron out a few details.

Several planning commission members were concerned over the term “temporary” and its meaning in relation to a planned temporary cul-de-sac for emergency vehicles.

They wanted to review just what that meant if plans to expand it around the property fell through and who would be responsible for it.

Currently, Pavicic plans to eventually develop to the north of the cul-de-sac and join that road.

“I’m working with a brother and sister (the Foresters) in control of that property,” Pavicik said of future plans to buy the property. He has hopes the deal will be complete by year’s end. He recently acquired another parcel, adding to the original 10 acres. 

If the preliminary plan is approved, Pavicic estimated it would be between three to four years until the project is built out and the cul-de-sac is removed. 

Planning Director Jim Bedell expressed concern over the plans over what would be a concrete pad with no curbs or sidewalks since it’s temporary.

After questions from planning commission and concerns from residents, planning commission chairman Daniel Meehan asked if the plan could be tweaked.

“It sounds like we’re real close,” Meehan said, saying there were just a few details to “square away” before it was approved. The next planning commission is Sept. 9 meeting.

They also wanted to review long-ago plans from the Bur Oaks development which had a similar temporary cul-de-sac years ago.

Resident speak out       

Residents’ concerns included the possibility of a water tower falling over to tree removal and property flooding. Pavicic met with neighbors at a community meeting in December 2012 to hear concerns and feedback. 

“I have a lot of concerns about this,” one resident said. “I would like to see the full plan or projected plans. This is one half of the puzzle, where’s the other half of the puzzle.”

He wanted to see how the full plans could affect his property. Pavicic brought out some unfinished plans of the full development to show headlights would not not shine into a homeowner’s house.

A representative of Rae Ann Suburban to the north spoke of concerns over a retention basin and possibility that a senior citizen could wander into the basin, which will be a wet pond.

Pavicic said he would allow the designer of Rae Ann Suburban’s pond to sign off on the project. The pond would have a similar look and fence to Rae Ann’s.

“We’ll do whatever to make it look similar to his pond,” Pavicic said.

A Bassett Road resident was concerned about water, noting he has water issues and was concerned with the view.

“What would happen if you can’t acquire the property to the north?” he asked, saying there were woods there, but now there are not.

The resident said he heard good things about Pavicic but wanted his concerns “on the record.”

One resident, who has resided in Westlake for more than 40 years and recalled when the water tower broke once and water gushed out.

“That water tower let loose,” he said. “It was amazing.”

“Does there have to be considerations for this?” the resident asked.

Planning commission members noted that Pavicic had no control over that joking, “I heard he’s really good but that might be stretching it.”

Several residents were concerned about flooding. Pavicic’s property was previously a grape vineyard that contained a drainage ditch that blocked up.

Pavicic’s engineer said flooding wouldn’t happen since the city would not allow drainage onto the properties nearby. 


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