Mayor: Changing Trash Haulers Not Big Change

Westlake mayor Dennis Clough talks Rumpke and automated trash pick-up

Don't anticipate any big changes with your trash removal as the City of Westlake brings in a new trash hauling company, Mayor Dennis Clough said Monday.

Rumpke, which was in the city at last week's City Council meeting, will begin collecting trash here on August 1, Clough said.

Clough said there were no complaints with soon-to-be-former hauler BFI/Allied Waste.

"They did a great job for us," he said.

But $400,000 in savings plus sterling references made Rumpke too good to pass up, he added.

Clough said there will be no changes in trash pick-up, or what day residents get their trash picked up.

"There may be a period of adjustment as they get used to the routes," Clough said of Rumpke. Any residents who have questions or issues with the new service should contact .

But changes could be coming.

Clough said the city is considering going to automated trash pick-up, where standardized trash and recycling cans are issued and trucks have mechanical attachments to pick up the cans and empty them into the trucks.

It's in the deal with Rumpke that the decision about automated trash pick-up will be decided by two years into the contract.

The wait serves two purposes, Clough said. First, it gives the city time to see how Rumpke does the job for Westlake.

Second, Clough said, city officials want to observe how other nearby cities fare with automated trash pick-up.

"We have a chance to learn from them, what works, what doesn't, etcetera," Clough said. "We wanted to take advantage of that rather than jumping in."

In 18 months, city officials will begin the decision-making process. There will be public hearings for residents to have their say, Clough said.

Chris M. July 10, 2012 at 03:15 PM
I'm hoping they do not go to automated trash pickup. Friends in other cities always complain about these systems. The savings are not worth all the extra hassle. It's usually adopted by cities desperate for cash or controlled by trash-obsessed environment zealots. It's not too bad for one or 2-person households who don't have much trash or people who are always traveling or eat out a lot. But it's terrible for larger families and bad when people do spring cleaning, remodeling projects, etc. and have a lot of trash and/or over-sized items.
John Q Public July 10, 2012 at 06:16 PM
This is just a decoy plan to draw attention away from next months political scheme by Clough and his evil step-sister Debbie Sutherland, who plan to fire all paramedics and firefighters in their Cities, and offer to re-hire them with lower wages and no pension. Sounds like Fairview Park and Rocky River got lied to and cheated with this program too.
helen murphy July 10, 2012 at 09:12 PM
Does Clough really need two years to determine if they are doing a good job? I came from a city that used a automated system that had literally no problems with it. How is Westlake so behind everyone else? Maybe a time for a change at city hall.


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