Funding Would Remain Flat for Westlake Schools Under Governor’s Budget Proposal

The superintendent said it was too early in the process to comment about specifics.

If Gov. John Kasich’s budget proposal goes forward, the Westlake schools wouldn’t gain or lose any money in the next two years. 

The governor revealed his school funding reform plan last week, promising that no districts would lose money in the next two years under his proposal. The proposal aims to close the gap between high- and low-income districts and, Kasich said, it would be fully funded from the start. The state supreme court has repeatedly found Ohio's school funding system to be unconstitutional. A plan proposed by former Gov. Ted Strickland also aimed to address this, but was not fully funded when passed.

Kasich's overall budget proposal was announced on Monday.

According to figures released by the state’s Office of Budget and Management, the Westlake City Schools would receive an estimated $1,119,293 in fiscal years 2014 and 2015—the same as it is receiving in fiscal year 2013. The fiscal year 2013 figure does not include transportation funds or funds related to career technical education, the state's information notes.

Superintendent Dan Keenan said it was difficult to comment on the proposal so early in the process, especially when some of the information, like the transportation funding, is missing. The district is waiting for more information on the formula, and on whether the district’s guarantee funding has changed. 


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