Democratic State House Candidates Talk Schools

Todd LeVeck and Andrew Meyer fielded questions about vouchers, public school funding and more.

Democrats Todd LeVeck and Andrew Meyer addressed issues from fracking to foreclosure at the Westside Democrats debate Tuesday night.

LeVeck, a public schools teacher, and Meyer, a private practice attorney, met at  to convince Democratic voters that they will be the candidate to beat Nan Baker. The winner of the March 6 primary will go head-to-head with Baker in November to represent District 16, which includes Bay Village, Rocky River, Fairview Park, North Olmsted and Westlake.

Here are their answers to questions from the audience on schools, as asked by moderator Steve Bennett of the Lakewood Democratic Club.

Question: What will you advocate to adequately and fairly fund Ohio public schools?

LeVeck: "The Republicans think everything is fine, so nothing will change under their watch going forward." LeVeck also suggested politicians look for other funding than property taxes and "really examine the cost to provide an excellent education to every child."

Meyer: "We need to get rid of tax credits... We can use the savings to help fund our schools, to make sure they're not solely reliant on property taxes," he said. 

Q: What is your view of the current administration's program to increase charter vouchers?

Meyer "I will defeat Nan Baker in the general election and work to defeat this," he said. Meyer said that he would would be a vocal opponent to the program, calling it a part of a "radical agenda being pushed down our throats," by Kasich.

LeVeck: "This question to me illustrates why you need a teacher in the State House," he said. Leveck stated that vouchers do not help underprivileged children, but rather, subsidize students already attending a private school. "Charter schools perform worse than public schools, and it's time for them to be shut down. Vouchers do not improve our public schools. They do not improve options for kids."


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