Clough: Paul Ryan Rally Came Together Fast

Westlake mayor spoke at rally before Ryan's appearance

Tuesday's was arranged over this past weekend, Westlake mayor Dennis Clough said Tuesday.

Clough, who spoke at the rally ahead of Ryan, said he was contacted by a representative of the Romney/Ryan campaign on Friday, and a meeting was held late that afternoon.

"We went through possible sites where we could hold a rally, what they would need," Clough said. 

Saturday morning, shortly after he was the, he got word that the campaign had selected the for the rally.

So much for a leisurely Labor Day weekend for Clough and other city workers.

"I had to get in contact with the service department, the police, the recreation department, to make sure any needs were addressed," he said.

It was a team effort from then on.

"A lot of different people had to make a lot happen," he said. "The police had to work with the Secret Service."

Any lost down time was worth it, Clough said.

"It's been fun," he said. "How often do you get to help bring a potential next vice-president of the United States in your town?"

Check out the video for what Clough had to say about what matters in Westlake in the 2012 election.


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