Cell Phone Tower Vote Postponed Until February

City Council took the discussion off the agenda last week.

Residents who are interested in hearing more about a proposed cell phone tower in the southwestern part of Westlake will have to wait—City Council’s vote has been postponed until February.

The Verizon tower was first proposed in September, and planning commission voted to recommend plans to build a 100-foot tower on the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church property in early December.

But some members of the community have expressed concerns about having a tower so close to residents’ homes, and the city is listening. Council’s vote was first delayed during its Jan. 3 meeting. It was again postponed during the meeting on Jan. 17. The city’s Planning Director, Robert Parry, said council wanted to give the applicant time to report on alternate sites for the tower. 

Alternate locations that were brought up during the Jan. 3 meeting included the post office and the Westlake Porter Public Library, Westlake Patch reported. Clerk of Council Denise Rosenbaum said there was no public comment on the tower during the Jan. 17 meeting, as the hearing was continued until February. 

The next City Council meeting is Feb. 7. There will be a public hearing on the cell phone tower before the meeting, beginning at 8 p.m., for anyone interested in sharing his or her thoughts with council. 


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