5 Westlake Laws: Rabies Shots and Parking Your Semi

Are your pet's shots update? Patch file photo
Are your pet's shots update? Patch file photo
Did you know... 

Those three words are probably a tipoff that you might now know one or more of the following Westlake laws. 

We found these laws listed on the city of Westlake website, including when you can use outdoor tools, shoot fireworks and barbecuing on balconies.

Are not permitted to run at large and must be kept under control. Dogs must be on a leash and all animals must have current rabies shots.

Grading and Drainage: When you are having a drainage problem or planning on regrading or filling any portions of your property, a grading permit may be required. Contact the Engineering Dept. prior to doing any work for a complimentary evaluation of your property issues.

Liquid Propane Tanks: Standard grill size tanks and larger are prohibited in apartment/condominium units including balconies, porches, basements, corridors, and any space within the building.

Parking: is prohibited on city streets between the hour of 3–6 a.m. Trucks, trailers or semi-trailers may not be parked on the street in front of residential property unless the vehicle is disabled or being unloaded. Recreational equipment boats, motor homes and truck campers many not be parked for more than 72 hours in a three-week period unless owned by the resident and not in use. Do not park on both sides of a street, even if no signs are posted. Whenever possible, park on the non-hydrant side only.

Solicitors: Person selling items door to door must have an official city license. Persons asking for donations to charities or non-profit groups must notify the Police Department in advance of going door to door.
MamaBear August 27, 2013 at 12:10 PM
Animals: Are not permitted to run at large and must be kept under control. A couple of thoughts . . .does the city have any type of ordinance regarding dogs doing their business in your yard--are owners required to "clean up" after their pet does their business in our front yard? And if you are a pet owner--please don't let your dog use your neighbors flower beds as a toilet--even if you pick it up--we prefer to fertilize our flowers our selves--no help needed from your dog--thanks! Also, we were told by a pest control company that if we put rodent bait out and a neighbors dog/cat eats it--it's our fault!!! If their animal is in my yard, they they are "running at large"--why then is it my fault that they get sick from eating the rodent bait in my yard?


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