Westlake High School Substitute Teacher Fired for Coming to Class Drunk

Anne M. Keller, 57, of Westlake, is believed to have gotten intoxicated at lunch.

A Westlake High School substitute teacher was fired this week after being accused of drinking at work and leaving her class unattended.

Anne M. Keller, 57, of Westlake, was arrested April 8 after school staff noticed that she was intoxicated and in possession of an open bottle of vodka, Westlake police said.

“She brought a bottle of alcohol with her in her bag and she drank a good portion of that bottle at lunch,” said Westlake City Schools Superintendent Dan Keenan.

Keller was supposed to teach family and consumer science classes all day at Westlake High School. Keenan said that when students returned from the lunch break, Keller was in the classroom, but then left.

“As kids came in after the bell, she left,” Keenan said. “A student went to get another teacher and we found her in a pretty bad state.”

Keenan said that Keller started substitute teaching with the district late last year.

Keller passed the standard background checks and the district has never had an issue with her before, Keenan said. “We’re very disappointed in the situation,” he said.

Keller faces charges of disorderly conduct intoxicated and possessing an open container of alcohol.


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