Westlake Dad Shows up Drunk to Kids’ Daycare, Promptly Arrested

Also: Woman hits to poles; thinks she was rear-ended.

A 46-year-old Westlake man showed up intoxicated at his children’s Center Ridge Road daycare center earlier this month. He was arrested for Disorderly Conduct – Intoxication while loading the children into his car. They were released to their mother at the scene.

Other alcohol-induced episodes were plentiful this month. Also in police reports:

A 26-year-old Cleveland woman claimed to have been rear-ended by a hit-skip vehicle on Columbia Road near Detroit Road. Debris on Columbia Road in Bay Village (including her car’s rear bumper) indicated that she had hit two poles and then continued on southbound. Westlake Police found her to be under the influence of alcohol and arrested for OVI. She was also cited for BAC (.185 by breath).  

An intoxicated 38-year-old Westlake woman wandered into a neighboring Bradley Road home and took a seat on the couch. After being told to leave repeatedly, she did so and was arrested nearby for Disorderly Conduct – Intoxication. The homeowner did not wish to pursue trespassing charges.  

An intoxicated 50-year-old woman annoyed her neighbor with loud music from her Detroit Road apartment earlier this month. The music could be heard outside the building. She was arrested for Disorderly Conduct – Intoxication and cited for a noise disturbance after she refused to ID herself.   


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