'Dark Knight' Arrest, Cleaning Fairy: Crime in Westlake in 2012

What police and crime stories were you reading and talking about this year?

2012 was a year for some rather unique, and in some cases disturbing, crime stories in Westlake. There was the high-profile Regal Cinema weapons case of Scott A. Smith, but stories about DUIs and "Cleaning Fairies" also got people reading.

What police and crime stories caught your attention? Share your thoughts in the comments.

  1. Scott A. Smith of North Ridgeville was arrested for into an August showing of The Dark Knight Rises at Regal Cinema in Crocker Park. Smith, who is out of jail on bond, is scheduled to go on trial in January.
  2. An Elyria woman was arrested in May after entering a Westlake home, doing some light housecleaning while the resident slept, then leaving a bill for her services. Susan Warren, who was dubbed the "Cleaning Fairy" by local media, was sentenced to probation.
  3. After getting caught driving the wrong way on Interstate 90, a woman tried to blame her car's GPS. It didn't work. She was charged with DUI, among other charges, and then complained that the police should be arresting drunks who are worse than her.
  4. Jennifer Kearney of Westlake was sentenced to three years in prison after pleading guilty to aggravated vehicular homicide and DUI for driving the wrong way on Interstate 90 in Cleveland and killing motorcyclist Kenneth Stith in 2011.
  5. One of the most-read police items of 2012 was about a group of teens twice trying to set up a fight between two boys, reportedly over a girl's affections, and being thwarted by police each time.


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