Teenager Gets Jumped While Trying To Sell IPod

Westlake and Rocky River police officers arrested the woman and man accused of setting the teenager up and robbing him, respectively

An 18-year-old Westlake man was mugged while trying to sell his iPod.

The teenager found a presumptive buyer -- a 21-year-old woman from Cleveland -- on Craigslist and agreed to meet her a few minutes before midnight on Feb. 16.

The woman arrived alone in her car and conversed with the teen. Then a man on foot jumped the victim, took his iPod, threatened to kill him and ran off, according to Westlake Police.

The woman drove away also as the teenager called police.

Westlake and Rocky River police officers stopped the woman's car at the intersection of Clague Road and Hilliard Boulevard.

When police stopped her, the woman had a passenger in her car -- a 24-year-old Cleveland man. They also had the teen's iPod, according to police.

The Cleveland man is accused of commiting robbery and aggravated menacing. The woman was charged with complicity to both of these counts.


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