Four Signs Your Neighbor Is a Drug Dealer

The Westlake Police Department's tips to tell if there's illegal activity near your home.

When Westlake police in a Westown Boulevard apartment earlier this month, it was thanks to an observant neighbor.

Westlake Police Cpt. Guy Turner said there are several ways to tell if someone is dealing, or growing marijuana in your neighborhood.

1. Smell

The Westown Boulevard man's neighbor reported a strong odors, and officers said they could smell marijuana from the door.

"With this guy, it was the overwhelming smell coming from his apartment," Turner said. 

2. Frequent Visitors

A drug dealer will have lots of people making many short visits to their home or apartment to buy and sell. 

3. Fans

Ventilation is important, and grow operations will have a way to circulate air.

"The other thing is to listen for fans," Turner said. "There will be fans running all the time."

4. Frayed Wires

The fourth sign is electrical wires that have been tampered with or bypassed. 

"A good operation will take lots of electricity for fans and lights," Turner said. Anyone who notices this should contact the police or fire department immediately. "That's a good way to fry yourself."

Turner said that Westlake police don't often find grow operations in town, but marijuana is the most common drug.

"It's mostly marijuana," he said. "But we haven't encountered a big grow operation. They can get really big. There are some on the West Coast that fill up warehouses, or floors of homes."

Susan Ruiz Patton March 20, 2012 at 12:29 PM
These are good tips. We had a neighbor once with lots of visitors -- usually on a Saturday and then one day we noticed a car sitting on our street watching that house. Another neighbor approached the car and they said they were the county drug agency.


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