Regal Cinema Weapons Suspect Faces Charges

Scott A. Smith of North Ridgeville accused of bringing a gun, ammunition and knives to showing of 'The Dark Knight Rises.'

When officer Jeremiah Bullins spotted Scott A. Smith in an empty movie theater at , Smith was in the very back row, in the middle seat. A waist pack sat at his feet.

Bullins, who was in uniform but working off-duty as security for Regal Cinema, had been suspicious of Smith after being alerted about him and his waist pack by a Regal Cinema employee. He approached Smith, and asked to search the waist pack. Smith agreed.

With that, a potential tragedy was averted as Smith was arrested on weapons charges.

"It could have been a disaster," Westlake Police Lieutenant Ray Arcuri said Tuesday. "Where (Smith) was, once he'd gotten started (shooting), there would have been multiple victims."

Check out the latest from the incident:


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