Police Investigating Series Of Identity Thefts

Three Westlake men were the victim of cloned debit cards in the last three days

Westlake Police Department are investigating several recent, seemingly unrelated identity thefts that affected residents in the city.

They are:

  • An 88-year-old Westlake man’s credit card information was misused by an unknown thief between Feb. 27 and March 1.

Purchases amounting to $6,800 were made from online retailers, cable TV and cell phone providers, and much of the merchandise was shipped to Miami, FL.

The victim’s son has been checking his father’s bank accounts since a similar incident occurred in January.The bank did not allow that transaction to go through and closed the account.

As per these more recent thefts, the bank is in the process of closing the new account and refunding the money

The police investigation is ongoing.

  • Likewise, a Westlake woman’s identity was compromised by a thief in Florida.

On Feb. 28, she reported that a female suspect displaying her Visa card and an Ohio driver’s license withdrew $3,500 from a branch in Florida.

The woman tried it at again at a second branch but was turned away.

The suspect went to the well a third time at yet another branch, Westlake Police said. However, the teller there called the local police and the suspect ran away,

  • A trio of Westlake residents were the victims of cloned debit cards.

One man's debit card was cloned and misused to the tune of $580 around from Feb. 20 to 22 in New York City.

His bank notified him of the matter on Feb. 25; he has always had the card in his possession.

Then, a second man’s debit card was declined on Feb. 24.

He contacted his bank and found out that it had been cloned and used in three transactions for $480 total in Georgia at gas stations and convenience stores.

Finally, a third man also had his debit card cloned and misused for five purchases worth $658 total from Feb. 22 to 25.

His wife had checked their account and noticed the aberrant acquisitions at gas stations, a drug store and convenience stores in Georgia.

Anyone with information on any of these thefts is encouraged to call the Westlake Police Department at 440-871-3311.


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