Man Receives Threatening Calls From Overseas

The Lakewood man, who works in Westlake, said the callers threatened to ruin his credit and make him lose his job

A man who lives in Lakewood but works in Westlake received harassing phone calls on his cell phone and business phone on Monday (Feb. 11).

The calls came from overseas and they demand a $300 payment. The callers threatened that if they were not paid, they would have the man arrested, make him lose his job and ruin his credit.

The callers knew the victim's social security number and his former address.

Westlake Police advised the victim to contact the Federal Trade Commission and the three major credit bureaus for assistance with identity theft threats.

The victim said the the caller had a heavy South Asian or Indian accent. Another man in Westlake reported receiving threatening calls from a man with a similar accent recently.

In that incident, the callers demanded money and said they would crash his computer if he did not pay.

His computer crashed soon thereafter.


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