Man Attacks Woman at Regal Cinema

Bystander helped catch attacker, a New Mexico -- or maybe Elyria -- man now in Westlake jail.

A man who is either from New Mexico or Elyria is in Westlake jail after allegedly attacking and beating a woman around 9:30 p.m. Tuesday night in the parking lot at .

Several people saw the incident, including one man who chased 25-year-old Mitchell Kuhn through the parking lot and helped a officer subdue Kuhn so he could be arrested.

The victim, a 20-year-old Cleveland woman, did not know Kuhn. She was taken to for cuts and bruises to her head, and received stitches.

Kuhn complained of chest pains and was also taken to the hospital. He had been drinking prior to the attack, Westlake police reported. Illegal drug use is also suspected.

After being checked out at the hospital, Kuhn was taken into custody and is being charged with felonious assault. Kuhn was originally believed to be from Las Cruces, NM, but also gave Westlake police an Elyria address.


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