'Cleaning Fairy' Pleads Guilty in Court

Elyria woman was charged with burglary for cleaning a Westlake house without being hired.

Perhaps the part about leaving her contact information wasn't a good idea. 

Susan Warren, 53, of Elyria, made local headlines this summer as the 'cleaning fairy'. 

According to Westlake Police, Warren entered the Dover Center Road home sometime between 9 and 10:45 a.m. on May 22. She did some light house cleaning while a resident slept, and left behind a $75 bill for her services and her contact information on a napkin.

Nothing was stolen in the incident. When the victim contacted Warren, she admitted being in the home and needing money.

Warren became irate when a Westlake police officer called. She told the officer she does this all the time, then hung up.

Warren was later charged with burglary. 

She pleaded guilty today to a charge of attempted burglary and will be sentenced in November, according to Fox 8 News


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