5 Easy Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

With the heat index, it's going to feel like 107 degrees at its hottest today, so follow these quick tips and stay cool on what could be the warmest day of the year.

As temperatures soar into the high 90s today with the heat index around 107, Lt. Craig Dayton from the Westlake Fire Department offered a few quick tips to beat the blazing summer heat.

  • . This is particularly important for senior citizens as their body’s thirst sensation typically starts to diminish at age 60. Dayton recommends that even if older folks aren’t thirsty, they should continue to drink water throughout the course of the day to ensure they’re hydrated.
  • Keep cool. Whether it’s relaxing in the air conditioning or staying in the shade, people should avoid the high temperatures, especially those who are susceptible to hot flashes and heat strokes. If your home or apartment doesn’t have central air, head to the temperature-controlled theaters at or dine in at one of Westlake’s many restaurants.
  • Dress lightly. Shorts and short-sleeve shirts are recommended. Avoid heavier fibers like denim and thick cotton that can quickly turn the heat up even more.
  • Skip the landscaping work or other rigorous activities. Instead of getting your daily exercise by cutting the grass, pulling weeds or going for a long run, head to Peterson Pool or Huntington Beach and go for a cool swim.
  • Apply sunscreen. According to weather.com, the UV index is rated at nine or “very high” for the day. That means your summer tan could quickly turn into a hot sunburn if you don’t apply an extra-strength sun lotion.


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