$250,000 Bond For Regal Cinema Weapons Suspect

Scott A. Smith faces 21 charges related to allegedly bringing loaded gun, ammunition and knives into theater showing "The Dark Knight Rises."

Updated 5:12 p.m.

Bond was set at $250,000 Thursday afternoon for Scott A. Smith, who was arrested Saturday after allegedly bringing a loaded gun, ammunition and four knives to a late-night showing of The Dark Knight Rises at in Crocker Park.

Smith is facing 21 charges: 19 third-degree felony charges for having weapons under disability, one misdemeanor concealed carry violation for the four knives, and one fourth-degree felony concealed carry violation for the loaded gun.

His next hearing is scheduled for Aug. 14. He could be in court sooner if an indictment is handed down.

Smith's attorney, Matthew Bruce, had asked Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas judge Robert C. McClelland to release Smith on his own recognizance, stating that Smith had no criminal history, had a home and family in the area, had cooperated with the investigation and was not either a flight risk or a risk to himself or others.

"I'm disappointed by the amount of bond," Smith said after the hearing. "I do feel with a lower bond or being release on his own recognizance, he would still appear for court procedings."

Bruce said he intended to file a motion for the bail to be reconsidered, as well as begin the discovery procedings.

The recent Dark Knight , as well as last weekend's mass shooting at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, have played a role in the handling of Smith's case, Bruce said.

"We feel that, with respect to the gravity of the situation, that this has been blown out of proportion," Bruce said.

Intense media coverage is helping with that, Bruce added.

"He had a weapon in the bag, and all of a sudden the media is calling him a (Dark Knight) copycat," he said. "I've seen reports where they're asserting he was there to shoot everyone, and I think those are completely baseless, unfounded and blown way out of proportion."

According to Bruce, the prosecution may allege that Smith is dependent on or abusing prescription drugs, which would bar him from owning weapons.

"He is not dependent on any drugs, he is not suffering from any mental conditions," Bruce said.

The 19 counts of weapons under disability include the weapons taken from Smith's North Ridgeville home on Monday as well as the weapons he allegedly had on him at Regal Cinema.

Bruce said Smith was studying psychology at Cleveland State University, and worked as a research analyst for a sleep studies company.

If Smith posts bond, he was also ordered by McClelland to stay away from Regal Cinema, Crocker Park and The Promenade, all property owned by owner Stark Enterprises.

The latest from the Regal Cinema weapons case:

william dayton August 13, 2012 at 03:21 PM
melissa, i was at the regal cinema in willow grove pa. to see bourne legacy. i of course was carrying my 45 colt defender. i have a ltc permit form pa. at the entrance my wifes purse was searched. the ticket taker removed her tampons and stuff from her purse. she was mortified! the 2 security guys known aas i gathered shiftless and lazy haphazardly checked bags and such. i walked right in wearing shorts and a hawian shirt over a t. with my 45 on my side. i felt so much safer knowing a crazed gunman would be stopped at the entrance....while the colorado gunman came throught the exit.........shame on regal


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