Zeppe's Now Offers Gluten-Free Pizza

Local chain adds the new pie to the menu just in time for game season.

Ever since going wheat-free, I’ve been craving pizza. It’s a difficult food to eat when you avoid wheat, and even harder when you are gluten-free. So, I was happy to hear that , with a location in Avon at 2100 Center Rd. (Rt. 83), now carries a gluten-free pizza.

I tried the gluten-free pie for lunch. The local chain can only guarantee that cheese, sausage, pepperoni and marinara sauce are gluten-free due to cross contamination risks. I decided to forgo their caution and try the white pizza with broccoli, tomatoes and artichokes.

The gluten-free crust was crispy and a little crunchier than most thin-crust pizzas, but did a good job of satisfying my pizza craving. It was a little dry, something that the aglio e olio didn’t help— I can understand why they recommend the marinara sauce on this pie.

The toppings were delicious and I was happy with the mix of veggies. The cheese and olive oil were very refreshing and tasty.

Coming only in a 12-inch size, I had enough pizza left over to have it for lunch again the next day. It reheated well in the oven and was actually better the next day, which I attribute to the fact that it was warmer.

If you’re gluten-free and want a pizza for your next get together or for the big game, give Zeppe’s Pizzeria in Avon a call at 440-934-6485. You can also order a regular pie for your non-gluten–free friends.

Zeppe’s offers delivery to the Avon/Avon Lake area, and for gluten-free pizza is worth the trip from Westlake, just pop the pie in the oven when you get it home to warm it up a little for a tastier pizza.


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