You Said It: What Are Your Thoughts on Texting While Driving?

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With the Ohio House of Representatives set to vote on legislation that would ban texting while driving, we asked Westlake residents what they think.

Westlake resident Allen Porter said he thinks it's dangerous. "People need to be focused on their responsibility of driving," he said.

Loren Cruz doesn't want to see it become illegal. "Too many laws - I don't like it," he said. "If people can do it, they should be allowed to text and drive."

Last month, the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee approved House Bill 99, which would ban texting while driving. Violaters would be guilty of a minor misdemeanor and be charged up to $150.

Senate Bill 35 would also prohibit drivers from using handheld devices on the road if passed. Hands-free devices would still be allowed.

Do you text and drive? Do you think it should be illegal?


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