Deer Hunting on School and Daycare Property?'Shame on Members of Council'

Resident says council not looking out for safety of children.

To the Editor:

Councilman (Davif) Kos is the only one who truly cares about the safety of our children.

I am writing to express my worry over what I consider to be the lack of many members of Avon Lake City Council’s concern for the safety of our children should the deer hunting ordinance pass. Many Avon Lake residents probably do not even know that Council is considering an ordinance that will, among other things, allow bow hunting in our city, including school grounds, daycare center property and senior center property, and will also allow sharpshooting in city parks.

I attended the Collective Committee Meeting on Nov. 15 and heard Councilman Kos request that Council include in the ordinance language that prohibits hunting on school and daycare property. I was horrified when Councilmembers Fenderbosch, Shondel, Bucci, James, and O’Donnell all voted against such language.

I simply cannot imagine the rationale for a refusal to take steps to ensure the safety of our children. Shame on these members of Council and I hope they no longer have their jobs come re-election.

Kristi Haude

Avon Lake

Robert Slater November 19, 2012 at 07:08 PM
The herd's health will deteriorate at the same time that it's population doubles? Get a clue.
lake swimmer November 19, 2012 at 10:05 PM
I"m continue to be amazed at the ignorance of people who have always lived in a suburban or urban area regarding deer and hunting. Yes, the heath of the herd can deteriorate while the population increases. Think about the third world; their populations often increase even while their health deteriorates. Biological urges almost always triumph. And last I checked, our council was not considering allowing hunting with firearms on school property. Bows have a much more limited range. Do you folks who are against hunting really enjoy having your landscaping eaten? Do you enjoy hitting a deer with your car. Do you enjoy seeing emaciated deer? We cannot and should not attempt to eliminate our deer population, but a reasonable culling of the herd is just that, reasonable. People need to spend a little time doing some honest research regarding deer, their habitat, and their interaction with the human population before just running off at the mouth.
Brad Hutcherson November 20, 2012 at 12:02 AM
Hey don;t worry Kristi; i will just hit a couple more with my car! Of course with my luck it will be when I am riding home on my motorcycle and the cost will be much more than a new fender!
Nicole Davis November 20, 2012 at 05:32 AM
Is there ever really an "outside of work day" time for a school? With playgrounds, baseball fields, soccer fields and the like, children are on school grounds even when school is not in session. I'm not arguing for either side here, just noting that there really isn't an "off" time for school property.
Patch reader November 24, 2012 at 09:39 PM
Councilman Kos has a point. Kids frequently cut through school grounds after hours (in the evening) or on the weekend. I do not think deer hunting should be allowed near schools or other similarly populated areas. We all know that deer have trails that they use regularly. This is why the city puts deer crossing signs where they do. I think the City should try another approach. Issue feeding permits to select residents (and make it a misdemeanor if you are caught feeding them anywhere else). Once the deer become accustomed to finding food in specific areas, use this familiarity to entice them to a safer area for culling. I would much rather see the weak culled so they do not have to die a slow death from starvation in front of us this winter. This would also eliminate the aggressive behavior some deer are known to exhibit when they can't find anything to eat. While it may be difficult for the more ardent animal lovers to agree with me, I'd rather know that any deer that have to be culled, will at least get a good last meal before they are sent off to their maker without having to suffer anymore than they already have.


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