Best of the Blogs: Taxes, Augusta National

If you missed these blog posts earlier this week, they're work a look.

This week Patch bloggers hit on some interesting and varied topics: Taxes, Augusta National finally allowing women to be members, being tracked by your iPhone, adventures in homeownership and more. 

• Chris Mallin thinks low taxes on the highest earners is actually a job-killer. He argues why in his blog, which received a lot of comments. 

• Karen Malone Wright addresses the recent change of policy at Augusta National Golf Club. One of last bastions of men-only membership finally has admitted two women as members, one of them being former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.  

• Dennis Spirgen writes about the government tracing your every move via your cellphone. That would be unconstitutional, right? Well, maybe not. 

• Allison Urbanek writes about the joys of scraping (and then power washing) off layers of old paint on her house. 

• Ken Palosi gets rather prolific writing about how going to the Magic Kingdom becomes even more magical when you take small children. 


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