How Much More Can America Take?

How ignorant can we go?

How much more can America take? 

Ignorance is not a sin.  We all are terribly ignorant in many different fields of endeavor.  Ignorance, however, spills over into being stupid when one chooses to remain ignorant.  When anyone says “don’t confuse me with the facts my mind is made up” is being stupid.  When someone refuses to question or investigate conflicting beliefs and behaviors -- they are “being” stupid.  No one “is“ stupid, but there are a lot of stupid beliefs and behaviors that people readily buy into.  “Stupid is as stupid does” (F. Gump).

In 1980 American was number one in all of these but is now ranked 25th in math, 14th in reading, 19th in science and 26th in problem solving.  It gets worse.

The Republican Party is now officially the majority stupid party.  Fifty-eight percent (58%) of Republicans literally believe that Adam and Eve romped with dinosaurs at the formation of earth ten thousand years ago.  The Democratic Party has 41% (Gallup Poll June 2012).  The Democrats, at least, keep their stupid beliefs to themselves, and are better then the national average of 46%.

Ever since Reagan gave the Dixiecrats/ Evangelicals (Fundamentalists) a sanctioned platform within the Republican Party, the stupid conservatives have been on a long-term, methodical destruction of public education.  The Religious Right has successfully organized into a political force lobbying federal and state legislatures into adopting policies that promote prayer in schools and curricular reform including creationism and religious dogma.  They have done this in three ways:  first by taking over school boards and positions of teaching policies, second by de-funding public schools, and third by pushing the voucher system.  The voucher system is aimed at supporting private religious schools and stay at home co-ops. 

The goal is: the education institution teaches the fundamentalist's religious beliefs.  They want all schools to explain the origins of earth by Creation as opposed to Evolution.  By taking over school boards et al the stupids have managed to disparage 800 years of science, thousands of scientists and millions of scientific research hours in archaeology, paleontology, genetics, biology, chemistry and physics etc...

Just for the record, to you stupids who are reading this: earth formed about 4.5 billion years ago, first life was 2.7 (maybe 3.5) billon years ago, dinosaurs dominated approximately 200 million to 65.5 million years ago, humanoids around 3.4 million years ago (maybe 7.1 million) and modern man within 37 thousand years ago.

Congratulations to the anti-science, myopic, obtuse Republican Party for doing such a good job at decimating our education system.  My only question is how much longer is conservatism going to be legitimized before we get back to our liberal ways and being number one?

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Victor Mooney July 05, 2012 at 03:04 PM
My Opinion of stupid: A large group of bloggers who allow someone to blame Conservatives for the condition of our educational system, place every problem known to America at the feet of same, and then sit back and watch them argue about Religion, creationism, etc. We should not allow a typical, Liberal, Union Stooge to guide our thoughts, or discussions. Next, we`ll have to listen to "Global Warming" is the cause of our 17 million debt, the complete lost of respect worldwide , and the errosion of our freedoms, ad infinitum! Whether my God is better than your God will be revealed soon enough---the current problem is the survuval of our way of life----do we follow the Unions and their paid OWS brethren, who attempt to intimidate the electorate, and the ELECTED, or do we try to bring some semblance of fiscal responsibility to our leadership. A Free Republic or A Socialist-Marxist Tyranny? ---It`s Time To Choose!!! Thank you for your kind attention!
Earl Elevant July 05, 2012 at 04:43 PM
It's good to see trolls are allowed to write articles in Local Voices.
Phyllis Stager July 05, 2012 at 05:19 PM
@Earl: Maybe we can help enlighten the poor fellow. The only thing I got out of his presentation is that Republicans are proven stupid and that is why our educational standing internationally is so poor. Rather simplistic in its premise...and without any step by step logic to validate this opinion. He goes on a tirade against religion and republicans. He conveniently doesn't reveal that 41% of the democrats poll in agreement with 58% of the republicans. It would seem to me if his premise were true...a lot democrats certainly participate in contributing to this poor educational rating 'result'. LOL!
keith a dewey July 07, 2012 at 02:48 AM
Phyllis Stager, I now know your problem. You don't read everything before you respond.
keith a dewey July 07, 2012 at 03:18 AM
OK this may be a false syllogism and again it may not but no one in here has scientific proof either way. Here is my premise. From 1933 to final abdication in 1980 the liberals were in charge, waning from 1968. The liberals brought us from a backwater isolationist’s country to number one in the world. Waxing from 1968 and culminating in 1980 until now the conservatives have been in charge. During that time we have fallen from most of the honorable top 10 lists. The liberals have not changed from 1933. For nearly 40 years the liberals were in charge and American became number one. We advocated then, and still do, for strong unions. We advocated in 1933 for a strong regulatory government and still do. We advocated a strong safety net then and still do. And we became number one in the world. Enter the conservatives and we have fallen. These are facts.


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