An Open Letter to Liberals

Why liberals need to stop making fun of conservatives, embrace them for the betterment of the American Society.

Dear Liberals:

You’re getting red in the face, stress level is up and your spouse is tired of you walking around with a scowl. 

All this lauding, legitimizing and legalizing conservatism is getting to you.  I know that.  But you have to put it in perspective. 

Conservatives have been around for 27 thousand years, they are not about to go away.  Conservatism is an ethos, eternal and existential part of our species.  It is a needed entity for the survival of any society. 

So, deal with it. 

Now hold on, let me explain.

First, there is a large segment in any humankind society and cultures that fear the unknown, the new and change. This ailment takes on many manifestations. One is they don’t want to lose what they have. They are comfortable, don’t rock the boat. 

This attitude is a borderline exacerbated personality trait of security. These people need representatives. This handicap needs help.

Second, conservatives have a propensity for simplicity. They can not grasp complex causes or effects.  Conservatives are conceptually challenged. Coupled with recent studies that show, on the whole, conservatives have lower IQ than liberals only deepen the morass. I would also posit that the structure of conservatism exacerbates the malady. 

So they look for simple solutions.

Capital punishment, torture, abstinence, Fundamentalism, dissing science and leaving significant differentiated groups out of the equation to mention but a few. 

Third, the myopic simple approach to solutions leads to made up solutions and explanations that are for a species that does not exist. Some examples of these are “free-market” which never was, the invented trickle down economy, and personal responsibility. 

Or they just make things up, superstitions if you will, to keep their comfort level and explain what they can’t grasp. 

The fore mentioned three have one thing in common; conservative behavior can not keep up with the liberal. By some fluke the liberals may push the agenda too fast which would leave behind a large section of the society. 

Conservatives, if properly represented, would be the fail safe to slow the liberals down so the rest of society can catch up.  

Fourth, just pure greed is a major conservative attitude. Get all you can, as often as you can, whenever you can.  Disregard the left-behinds. This result is a Bastille day, the 99%ers, our revolution and other tumultuous corrections.

It is a disaster; history proves this, for conservatives to be in charge. The longer conservatives are in control the more volatile the remedy. When the liberal and the conservative agree on a clashed issue it is the liberal that wins, always, every time! Rock-n-roll, round earth, women can vote, contraception, end of slavery, are but a few examples from thousands of written examples over the last 6400+ years.  “Conservatism is the dropped anchor on the Good Ship Progress” (LNP).  “Conservatives hug today what liberals got yesterday” (LNP).

Liberals need to stop ignoring, ridiculing and being snooty to conservatives.  Conservatives have no choice as to what they are. 

The solutions: First, conservatives are here, they can’t go away. Accept the fact they need guidance so let them have their political representatives. 

Second: when a person believes that Adam and Eve rode around on dinosaurs 6000 years ago or believe in the Rapture they are in stage “permanent la la land”.  So there is no hope of changing the Fundamentalists. Isolate them. Make them impotent as soon and often as possible. 

Third: every liberal in every communication venue relentlessly educate. A clear concise barrage of logic and knowledge, in particular from the social science, will allow the conservative to assist in flourishing the species from the position of “the loyal opposition."

Keith A. Dewey


Liberal National Party USA

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Tim Torrence April 28, 2012 at 05:59 PM
@Phyllis, you cannot win this discussion with Dewey. You will never be capable of fulfilling the parameters of the argument since he frequently changes them. So much so that he has a hard time conforming to them himself. Consider the fact he asked for an idea that was agreed upon by both progressives and conservatives and the conservative idea was adopted. The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act you cited is a very good example. Both Gingrich and Clinton wanted welfare reform. Clinton caved and the law was passed. Not only has it passed it has not been challenged in court. And the progressive Congress of 2005 reaffirmed the measures from 1996. Of course Dewey has cited an example of his own. Unfortunately for Dewey his example does not pass his own criteria. Conservative Democrats chose to argue the issue of slavery as the right of a state to manage its own destiny. The upstart Progressive Republicans chose to use the power of the federal government to advance their agenda to abolish the practice. Surely we all know the issue was resolved but at the barrel of a gun and with much liberal use of grape shot. That is not an agreement by any means. Dewey has two goals here. The first is to paint all change as progressive. The second to paint Democrats as progressives. By doing this he paints all Republicans as Neanderthals holding back the future. What he fails to see is change leads to demise in every single instance in history.
Phyllis Stager April 28, 2012 at 06:12 PM
Thanks again, Tom. Liberals do that all the time....change the parameters and then bloviate! Its hopeless! LOL!
Victor Mooney April 28, 2012 at 08:30 PM
Take heart Phyiiis:----when the Plebians were at variance with the Senators, concerning the payment of their debts. These refused to to go to war unless their debts were remitted on their return: so that the consuls, finding their authority insuficient, offered the people to elect a tempory magistrate, who should have absolute power, not only over all the ranks of state, but even over the laws themselves. 23. To this the Plebians readily consented, willing to give up their own power for the sake of abridging that of their superiors. In consequence of this , Largius was created the first dictator of Rome; ---- 24. Thus the people, who could not bear to hear the name of king even mentioned, readily submitted to a magistrate possessed of much greater power: so much do the names of things mislead us, and so little is any form of government irksome to the peolpe when it coincides with their prejudices.----History of the Commonwealth of Rome; Oliver Goldsmith
Victor Mooney April 28, 2012 at 08:45 PM
So it is today---the Progressives are more than willing to sacrifice our basic freedoms , in leu of the forgivement of their debts[Government handouts], they are eager to feed one and all to the lions, taking great comfort in the simple assurance of being eaten last---
Phyllis Stager April 28, 2012 at 09:12 PM
Absolutely BRILLIANT, Victor! Brilliant!


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