Show Us: How Are You Celebrating (or Not) Valentine's Day?

In love? Or not? Show us in photos how you're spending your Valentine's Day.

For many in Westlake, Valentine's Day is a way to show the one's you love just how special it is. Maybe it's dinner out. Or a special homemade meal in.

Flowers, chocolate and champagne will be plentiful today. Are you a showy romantic who's planning something over the top? Or one of the quieter variety who lets their special someone know they're special in a more subdued manner.

For others, Valentine's Day is just another day, or worse, a not-so-happy reminder that "next year may be my Valentine year."Are you anti-Valentine's Day?

Either or, snap a picture of your flowers, candy, champagne or other romantic gesture bestowed up you. Show us your candlelit dinner, new diamond ring or the shredded Valentine's Day card from "that person" no longer in your life. But please, whatever it is, KEEP IT DECENT (hey, not all those romantic gifts need to be shared ;)

We found the featured photo at Caribou Coffee in Westlake. (For the record, we don't support defacing private, or public, property, but we think it's kind of sweet.)

pam ghaster February 16, 2013 at 12:18 AM
Beautiful flowers from Trader Joes and dinner at NEMO's pam ghaster


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