Westlake Deli Sells $41 Million Mega Millions Ticket

Winner(s) have not yet stepped forward.

The odds were 176,000,000 to one. The numbers were 9, 12, 19, 20, 39 and 4. The payout, $41 million and the lucky store is in Westlake.

One ticket was sold for the Tuesday night $41 million multi-million Mega Millions lottery jackpot, and it was sold by a Westlake deli.

Marie Kilbane, representative with the Ohio Lottery Commission confirmed one winning ticket was sold for the multi-state jackpot at of Deli-4-Less at 24505 Center Ridge Road. The store is located in Westlake's Walridge Square, the same plaza as the Loco Leprachuan.

Mark Hadad, who has owned the store since 2010, was presented with a check for $41,000 early Wednesday. The store that sells the winning ticket receives $1,000 for every million the jackpot is worth.

Kilbane said the owner or owners of the winning ticket have not yet stepped forward to claim the ticket, but has heard a rumor it was a group of individuals, but couldn’t comment further.

Bo Buceaschi, an employee of Deli-4-Less, said he also believes the winning ticket was sold to a group of 14 employed by a Westlake company.

“They come over, get lunch an get lottery tickets,” Busceaschi said. “Maybe every other morning. They’re real nice people.”

Kilbane said winners have 180 days to claim their winnings. How much can the winners of the Tuesday night expect?

Earnings would be $1.1 million for 26 years (after required taxes), collectively for the ticket holder(s).

“That would then be divided if there was a group,” Kilbane said.

A second option would be to take one lump sum of $30 million, which Kilbane said would be $21.3 million after the required 25 percent Federal taxes and 4 percent state taxes are withheld. That number does not include regional or local taxes, if applicable.

Kilbane said it was the 17th time an Ohio store sold the winning ticket for the game, which started in 2002.

“It’s the largest win (for Westlake) in recent history,” Kilbane said.

Buceaschi said it was the largest winning ticket ever sold at the deli.

“I guess we’re a lucky store,” he said.

Check back to see it the winner(s) of the $41 million jackpot step forward.

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