Westlake Couple Loses 200 Pounds, Runs Cleveland Half Marathon

Jason and Callista Puchmeyer shared their story with our partners at WEWS News Channel 5.

At one point, while pregnant, Callista Puchmeyer weighed 359 pounds. Her husband, Jason, weighed 300 pounds.

Now the Westlake couple has lost a combined 200 pounds and ran in the Rite-Aid Cleveland half marathon Sunday, according to our partners at WEWS News Channel 5.

"I used the couch to 5k running plan that a lot of people use," Callista said. "But also incorporated some strength training."

Her success motivated Jason to start his own workout plan.

The couple now works out six times a week. They've been training for the Cleveland half marathon for months. Their main motivation, being able to keep up with their children, ages six and under.

"You definitely have more energy. Just running around with the three kids, you're not as tired. You're more active. You want to do more. You don't want to sit around and sit on the couch and eat a bag of chips," Jason Puchmeyer said.

Callista went from a size 24 to a size 4. Jason is now 200 pounds.



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