New Year's Resolution: Use Westlake Patch in 2013

Connect with your friends, neighbors and community

New Year's resolutions aren't always easy. Ask anyone who has ever tried to quit smoking.

But here's one that's easy, good for you, and fun! Resolve to use Westlake Patch in 2013.

There are lots of ways you can do that. Start by joining Westlake Patch. Once you do that, you can use the site in a lot of ways. You can participate in our polls, and comment on articles and blog posts.

You can also use Westlake Patch to connect with your neighbors. Are you in a PTA? Church group? Holding a garage sale? Post events for free on our calendar. Getting married? Did your daughter graduate summa cum laude? Share the great news with a free announcement.

Share your photos of life around Westlake in our Pics & Clips community scrapbook.

You can also get the day's news delivered right to your inbox each day. When you join Westlake Patch, sign up for our daily newsletter.

Is there an issue in town that concerns you, like the American Greetings project or the proposed cell phone tower at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church? Connect with your neighbors by signing up for Local Voices and posting your views.

So make an easy resolution and sign up for Westlake Patch now!


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