Garage sale? Club Meeting? Add Your FREE Event to Patch

It's quick, easy and free to add an event to Patch. And there no limit.

Are you organizing a neighborhood yard sale? Maybe you’re on the board of directors at the library and want to share info about an upcoming book club. Or perhaps your PTA group would like to promote a fundraiser.

Community members are invited to post events to the Westlake Patch calendar, free of charge. When you post your event you not only have a chance to promote your event in your own words, but you can also access your event in the future if you need to make any additions or changes.

To get started, you’ll need to log into your Westlake Patch account. Don’t have one yet? Create one by hitting the link at the top of the home page.

Once you’re logged in, click on the Events tab under the Westlake Patch logo at the top of the home page. On the right-hand side of the calendar page, you’ll see a green box with a white plus sign that says, “Put it on the calendar!” Click this box to go to the event form.

Title it

Give your event a title. Be descriptive, but space is limited. Try something like, “Library Bake Sale Fundraiser,” or “PTA Group Family Fun Day.”

Add date and time

Next, move on to the date and time. If your event occurs more than once or is ongoing, check the box labeled "This event happens more than once or is an ongoing event" under the “Time” field. If your event doesn’t have a specific time, or if it has more than one time, you can leave the "Time" field blank. If your event does not occur more than once, you can skip the next step.

If you have an event that repeats every week or every month, or is ongoing for a certain length of time, choose your option and then enter the ending date if there is one.

Add a location

Now you’re ready to select a location. If your event occurs at a business or organization located in the area covered by Westlake Patch, there’s a good chance it’s in our directory. Search the name of your location and if it doesn't come up, you’ll have to type in the address by hand.


Here comes the meat-and-potatoes of your calendar listing. You'll have a space to enter a description of the event. What’s the schedule? What's happening? Who will be there? Be as descriptive as possible and include as many details as you have. Don’t forget to spell check your work, by using the little blue ABC checkmark icon at the top of the box.

Add a photo or two or three...we love photos

If you have a photo or PDF to upload, the next field is where you’ll add it. Click “Choose files to upload,” then browse your computer for your selected files. You may add a caption, but it’s not required. [Note: Copyright laws apply. Please only use images you have ownership of yourself.]

Moving on, you’re going to categorize your event. You can choose more than one category and more than one feature, but you must choose at least one category.

The last section is for more information. If people have questions or want to get in touch with organizers, is there a website they can visit? Who should they call or e-mail? Is there an admission charge, or a registration fee? And if your event requires a ticket, is there a website people can visit to order their tickets?

Look back over your listing and make sure all of your information is correct and that you’ve filled in any field marked with the * symbol. (Those fields are required.) If you’re happy with the information, click “Post My Event.”

The next page that you’ll see is your event listing, posted live on Westlake Patch.

If you have any questions about posting an event, of if you’re experiencing problems, please feel free to contact Patch Editor Lori E. Switaj at Lori.Switaj@patch.com.


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