Trader Joe's Recalls Peanut Butter

Creamy Salted Valencia Peanut Butter may be contaminated with salmonella

Do you get your peanut butter at Trader Joe's? Check your cupboard.

The company has voluntarily recalled its Creamy Salted Valencia Peanut Butter because it may be contaminated with salmonella. According to NBC News, it has been linked to salmonella infections that have made 29 people in 18 states sick.

Trader Joe's stores, including the one in Crocker Park, have removed the product from shelves. 

The affected peanut butter was sold in 16-ounce jars.

If you have the peanut butter, either throw it out or return it to Trader Joe's for a full refund.

For more information, contact Trader Joe's customer relations at 626-599-3817.


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