Pat O'Brien on Showroom Designs: 'I Have to Get Turned Down'

Dealership owner says requests for new showroom have to be requested, even though he doesn't like them.

Westlake Planning Commission had issues with several of the design requests made by Pat O’Brien of Pat O’Brien Chevrolet for a showroom addition, but they weren’t alone.

Pat O’Brien Chevrolet is located at 25100 Detroit Road in Westlake.

Pat O’Brien himself had issues with the same items and expressed no problem with Planning Commission denying items that included painting the exterior and adding 858-sq-ft. of exterior décor that the Commission considered signage.

O’Brien made the request on May 20 and agreed when Assistant Planning Director William Krause said there were several problems.

“Quite a bit of the exterior is red masonry block,” Krause said. “The proposal is to paint it white. One of the concerns is the maintenance of that through time.”

O’Brien agreed.

“Painting the building would be the worst thing that could happen,” O’Brien said.

I’m not for it either. It’s something that General Motors is telling us what to do. I have to come here, get turned down and go back to them.”

He said he was submitting the design requests as part of the request for the final development plan, as a matter of protocol.

Krause also had issues with a large blue stripe that would go across the exterior of the showroom and a bright blue entrance area. The total of 858 square feet was considered signage.

“Design guidelines don’t allow bright or primary colors for (exterior) building elements,” Krause said.

“As for the blue thing (stripe) over the front, I’m not for that,” Obrien said. “Once again, the same thing. I’m here to get turned down, go back to them and hopefully they can change the plans.”

He said he had no interest in the pylon sign the plans included.

“I don’t want to do that either,” he said.

Law Director John Wheeler made a suggestion as to how to proceed with moving forward with some of the requests, while declining others so the 4,940 square foot showroom could be enclosed and plans could move forward.


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