Onix Networking Moves Out Of Westlake

The global information technology firm is setting up shop in Lakewood.

Global information technology firm is moving its global headquarters, and 25 employees, out of Westlake and into Lakewood.

"We've been looking for a while and we really couldn't find the right opportunity in Westlake," said Onix Networking CEO and President Tim Needles. "There's not a lot of space available in the size of building we wanted."

City Finance Director Prashant Shah said the company provided "almost less than half a percent" of Westlake's income tax collection.

"They were certainly a good company to have," he said. "Any company is good to have in this climate. It's not a big amount, but it always helps."

Needles said the company, a long-standing partner with Google, decided to leave its current space for somewhere larger, to accommodate growth.

"Our company was growing so we needed additional space," he said. "We were attracted to Lakewood and the building due to the culture and being nearby amenities, and the historic nature of the building."

Founded in 1992, Onix Networking offers services and consulting in geospatial information systems, storage solutions, enterprise networking, cloud computing and more. The company's new offices are in the former location of the Bonne Bell headquarters at 18519 Detroit Rd.


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