iPhone 5 Fans Camp Out at Crocker Park

Latest iPhone brings crowds to the Apple Store

Another iPhone launch, another long line at the Apple Store in Crocker Park.

The new iPhone 5 debuted on Friday and fans were camped out Thursday night outside the store to wait in line for it.

Channel 5 spoke with some of the people waiting overnight.

By noon on Wednesday, the lines outside the store were gone but inside the store was busy. A TV crew was outside talking with customers while security stood nearby.

The lines weren't just in Westlake. According Huffington Post, customers were queueing up all over the world to by the latest iPhone.

What's new with the iPhone 5? Critics are praising its taller display, lighter weight, better processing, more camera features and 4G LTE capabilities. Prices for the new iPhone 5 range between $199 and $399.

Did you get a new iPhone 5 or will you? Share your thoughts on it in the comments.


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