Giant Eagle Ends Foodperks, Adds Incentive to Fuelperks

The last day to earn foodperks! is Feb. 13.

Giant Eagle is ending foodperks! and adding extra incentive to use its fuelperks! program, according a press release from the Pennsylvannia-based company.

The last day to earn foodperks! will be Feb. 13 and discounts must be redeemed by May 31.

According to a letter obtained by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the CEO said customers thought the foodperks! program was "a little too complex."

In an effort to inform in advance the customers who were receiving the highest level of savings with foodperks!, Giant Eagle began to issue letters to those customers along with added value offers in appreciation of their loyalty.  These letters began to arrive late last week, and will continue to be delivered to customer mailboxes through this week. 

In the letters, the company shared feedback it had received that not all customers liked the structure of the foodperks! promotion, as it requires additional shopping planning.

As a result, only a small percentage of customers received significant savings.  Senior Director of Corporate Communications Rob Borella said, "In fact, approximately 92 percent of Giant Eagle Advantage Card customers saved less than $40 each from foodperks! in the preceding 12 months."

The program gave customers a 1-percent discount on groceries for every 10 gallons of gas purchased at GetGo gas stations. foodperks! began in 2009.

In its place, Giant Eagle is rolling out a new 3-cent program that gives customers extra incentive to choose GetGo over other gas stations. The program started Feb. 4.

"The new GetGo 3-cent program is simple," Borella said. "Every time a customer scans his or her Giant Eagle Advantage Card while fueling at GetGo and isn’t redeeming fuelperks!, he or she will receive 3-cents off per gallon."

Borella added, "Giant Eagle had a thorough and thoughtful plan to communicate the changes this week, however the targeted mailers’ premature delivery preempted that plan. Giant Eagle truly apologizes to any letter recipients who were offended and/or misinterpreted its language."

Do you use your foodperks! each month? Or weekly? Will you miss the discount? Tell us in the comments!

Wendy Mark February 04, 2013 at 10:59 PM
My husband and I use GetGo almost exclusively for our vehicles and outdoor gas powered machines, and thus have saved a SIGNIFICANT amount when we buy groceries for our family of 6. I am very disappointed to hear about this. I find it hard to believe that a) people didn't understand the program and b) not many benefitted from it. I think that is just an excuse to get rid if this program and increase profits. There is no motivation for Giant Eagle to continue this program when no one else offers it....well except for their loyal customers, but I guess an increase in my monthly grocery bill isn't their problem, is it? So why would they care. Guess it's time to take my gas and grocery money somewhere else.
Joshua Gubbini February 05, 2013 at 03:22 AM
This is only FOOD perks not FUEL perks........
Nancy Battenfield February 05, 2013 at 07:29 AM
I LOVE foodperks and will miss it! I go out of my way to get gas at Getgo just to get the foodperks and save them up until I have a large amount off, then do a large $200 or more shopping spree. 10 to 15 percent off makes it so we can eat at a more reasonable price. Then I would get even more off on my gas... and getting 30 gallons of gas, some in my car and the rest in gas cans to refill my car later, and get another 3 percent of on my groceries.... win win win! Kept my budget a bit more under control. Now I will lose that.I am disappointed.
sandie b February 06, 2013 at 04:07 AM
I'm so sad. I switched to GE for the great program. All of our RX's, gift card purchases," go out of my way for the gas", pay higher prices for a lot of items and spend hours maximizing the $60.00 savings in food perks every quarter, has just ended. There is only the two of us, but we have spent an average of $480.00 per mo for the past few years. I'll be reuniting with Kroger, Meijer and Sams, since there is no great incentive to be exclusive/loyal to GE.
Carol D February 07, 2013 at 02:22 PM
Not terribly affected since we don't use that much gasoline and don't buy groceries in large amounts at a time due to no storage space at home. We pretty much stop every few days and buy smaller amounts of groceries. We do appreciate the fuel perks system and hope that it doesn't disappear. We tend to save our points until we are doing a longer trip and it really is great to have the gasoline fill up at very low price.


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