For Almost 40 Years, Westlake Vets Have Readied City's Strays

Westlake Animal Hospital provides free care for strays, readies them for adoption.

Dr. Colleen Madden. Photo credit: Westlake Animal Hospital
Dr. Colleen Madden. Photo credit: Westlake Animal Hospital

It’s not always easy placing stray kittens and puppies, but for almost 40 years, the Westlake Animal Hospital has made sure that they are given the best possible chance.

Doctors David Love, Michael Nappier and Colleen Madden at the Westlake Animal Hospital on Center Ridge Road examine these kittens, plus all the cats, puppies and dogs that are found by the Westlake Animal Control Warden, Jim Wang.

“These pets have exams, are given vaccinations, wormed, the felines are tested for feline aids and feline leukemia, and all the pets are treated for fleas and minor illness free of charge,” Dr. Love said.

The doctors feel that if the initial veterinary fees are prepaid then the pets are more readily adoptable. Westlake Animal Hospital has done this continually for the found pets in Westlake since 1974.

“We give them the first set of vaccines, deworming and de-fleaing,” Dr. Nappier said. “It’s mostly cats, but we get a few dogs every once in awhile.”

Dr. Nappier said they don’t treat wildlife.

“We see several hundred animals a year,” he said of the cats and dogs treated.

Some strays that are picked up by Wang are placed in the kennel facility at the Westlake Police Department for a few days in case they are runaway pets before brought to the hospital.

“Sometimes it’s moms and litters,” Nappier said.

The Westlake Animal Hospital donates all services.

The Westlake Police Department currently has cats available for adoption. Contact 440-871-3311 if you are interested in adopting a cat or kitten. 


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