Caribou Coffee Memories in Westlake

With the java house set to close down, we want to hear your favorite stories.

There's just something about a coffee shop.

Maybe it's the laid back atmosphere (sometimes) or the smell of espresso over steamed milk that makes us want to sit back and drink it all in.

Sadly, there will be one less shop to relax at in Westlake with the closing of Caribou Coffee. It was announced earlier this week that locations all across Ohio would be closing.

The Caribou Coffee Memories Facebook page asked supporter to share memories. One customer said:

"Whenever I am feeling down I could always count on a Turtle Mocha to pick me up. I am going to miss the country homey feel of Caribou unlike the corporate stuffy feel of other coffee shops."

What memories do you have of Westlake's Caribou Coffee? What will you miss?

Share them with us in the comments section below.

Jessica April 12, 2013 at 12:46 AM
I'm sad to hear this is happening. I'm also a little confused about why they're closing this location in particular. I used to live right down the road up until a few weeks ago and I used to frequent it pretty often. Every time I went in there were always a bunch of people there so I can't imagine they didn't do well. There were even a few times I had trouble even finding a seat because it was so crowded.


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