B Spot Has Fast Service, But Not Fast Food

New handheld devices mean faster service and more security.

It only takes about 10 minutes to get a gourmet burger at Michael Symon’s newest B Spot, .

Thanks to high-tech point of sale devices, servers can put an order in to the kitchen without even leaving the table.

“It’s all part of the concept,” said Sam Lindsley, director of operations for Michael Symon Restaurants. “It’s a quick-serve, fast, casual rock ‘n roll burger joint.”

The new devices mean that the bartender can start making a drink while you’re still picking out burger toppings.

“We want the servers to stay on the floor, not go in the back and wait in line for their turn to go on the computer,” Lindsley said. “This really improves the quality of service.”

At the end of the meal, a server can swipe your credit card right at the table, meaning the card never leaves your sight and you don’t have to wait when you’re ready to leave.

But although the service is fast, don’t ever call it fast food. “Oh no,” Lindsley said. “It’s definitely not fast food. The quality of ingredients is very high.”


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