Whiz Kid: Hannah Sommers

This Westlake High School freshman loves horses, film and playing the saxophone.

Westlake kids do amazing things every day, and each week at Westlake Patch, we're going to be featuring child, teenager, club or team that really shines in our Whiz Kid feature.

Whiz Kid: Hannah Sommers

School: , freshman


Sommers consistently makes the high honor roll at WHS, so the ninth grader is definitely on her way to a fruitful high school career.

"I don't slack off," Hannah said. "I try to makes sure I get all my homework done for the day ahead and not to put it off and procrastinate."

Hannah said she never waits until the last minute to cram for upcoming tests, either.

"When I know I have a test coming up, I study ahead of time," she explained.

Hannah also made it to the Ohio State PTA Reflections Contest this year and was recognized for her accomplishments in the film category.

"I also made it to state in sixth grade under the same category," she said.

The talented freshman also has a knack for music. Last year she was awarded her school's Jazz Band Excellence award. Hannah avidly plays the saxophone.

Sommers also rides horses and takes part in biannual "Schooling Shows."

"The best I've done so far was in the spring of 2010 when I won first place in Equitation, second place in Pleasure and third place in Showmanship," she said.

Hannah doesn't know exactly where she will go to college when she finishes high school in 2014, but she does know what she wants to study.

"I am going to be attending college to pursue my dreams of getting a degree in equine sciences," she divulged.

Keys to Awesomeness:

Hanna said she does everything she can to help when she sees someone who is in need.

"Every Tuesday I volunteer at Rocky River Stables and I help with their therapeutic riding program," she said. The program teaches children and young adults with physical and developmental disabilities how to ride horses and helps them to develop a variety of life skills.

Hanna said that her favorite subject in school American history.

"I love learning about how we colonized and the progress we made through the years to be the country we are today."

Hanna said she went to Washing D.C. last year for a school trip and she found all of the different historical locations fascinating.

"Last summer I planned a historical based trip with the family to Virginia and Washington D.C. for a few days," she said. "This year I will hopefully be a planning a little three-day trip to Gettysburg because of my avid interest in the Civil War."

In addition to her love of history, music and horses, Hannah also enjoys reading, photography and film editing. Her favorite restaurant is , and if she could, she'd wash down her steak with a Mint Condition mocha from .

The Million Dollar Question:

If Hannah were given a million dollars to donate to a charity or cause of her choice, she said she would donate it to animal shelters and rescue programs.

"I think by giving them the money and donations, they could help even more animals that need the TLC and loving touch that we can provide them with," she said.

diane clark April 26, 2011 at 11:04 PM
Hannah, You are awesome. You have been and continue to be a wonderful young lady that I am proud to know. From meeting you at 12 months old with that sweet grin that you still have:-). Then having the opportunity to watching you grow into an accomplished young woman, has left an impact on my life. I am so blessed to say "I know Hannah Sommers". My wish is that more teens and adults share your values which would enable your values and the impact you leave on others to make all of us stronger and better people and a better nation. Love and all the best, Diane and Dave Clark


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