Results: Who Had The Best Bicentennial Beard?

Westlake Kiwanis President Rick Grane beat out the competition in our unscientific poll.

The votes are in, and we have a winner! Westlake Patch readers have voted Rick Grane's literal interpretation of a bicentennial beard the best in the city.

A group of 10 men competed last week in the official at as the city celebrates its 200th birthday. The bewhiskered men each started with a clean-shaven face in July and grew their beards for four months in hopes of winning in categories like best beard, most innovative beard and longest beard.

, and you picked Grane's as the best with 27 votes, followed by Andrew Mangels with 10 votes and Mel Maurer with 7 votes.

See what judges Martha Campbell, Lisa Cruse, Tracy Heberle, Sylvia Scherm, Karen Wolf and Marian Zietz thought:


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